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The Shower Curtain That Changed Everything + A HOMING IN Kid's Shower Curtain Round Up

"And this is where home design becomes absolutely THRILLING to me. The meaning-making part that just seems to naturally sneak it's way in. This is when it feels like pure art!"


We are in the thick of our girl's bathroom renovation, spending all of our time on some of the less thrilling elements like plumbing and electrical work. And while this stuff feels huge to us, I am obviously looking forward to the fun stuff. You know, the little detailed bits where I get to do what I love the very most: bring it to life with story and personality!

And while I've been deep diving into so many different pieces (soap dispenser, bath mats, towels, etc.), today I wanted to HOME IN on the shower curtain and walk you through the journey I've taken in deciding which one belongs in our girl's bathroom.

From the very earliest plans for this space, I have always envisioned the shower curtain as something that feels really organic, timeless, and just a solid supporting character. So, after a quick google search I found this one from H&M Home. It tried it on in my mood board and it felt like all of those things combined, looked great, and it was that easy. I checked it off the mental list in my mind!

Full steam ahead right?

Well, insert the shower curtain I came across early today from Urban Outfitters. The one that I fell so deeply and madly in love with that I can no longer envision the girl's bathroom feeling complete without it. There can be no other future!

For whatever reason, my heart is fully obsessed with this curtain. What is it about the perfect combination of certain textures, colors, and shapes put together that can totally set our hearts on fire? And how fascinating that the same textures, colors, and shape combinations that make me feel alive might be the exact combination that makes you or someone else feel bored, or even cringe-y.

Okay, but why? Why does this specific curtain feel so moving to me? I think something I love about this one, especially in the context of our girl's bathroom, is the whimsy it brings, which I think the current design direction lacks. There is a real casual element to it that I love. It feels so lived in and kid friendly.

But on a deeper level (because as we know my mind is usually swimming in deep waters), I think what I immediately saw in this curtain is a mother, sitting down to embroider this curtain for her daughters, just going with the flow of whatever inspiration comes to her. Whatever colors and pictures fill her mind as she thinks of them. Not overthinking it or trying to be too perfect about it but simply letting her creativity lead the way. And then, all of a sudden I am that mother, and this curtain is now a symbol of my love for my own daughters. These 4 girls who I love so deeply. And that is how I will forever see it from here on out.

This is where home design becomes absolutely THRILLING to me. The meaning-making part that just seems to naturally sneak it's way into the process for me. This is when it feels like pure art!

So here is a look at an updated mood board.

Notice I added the Greek key tile element that I spoke of the other day in my stories as well. I second guessed myself for a quick moment about whether or not it would still look right with the new shower curtain, but once I added everything to the board, all felt well again. None the less, I had now been looking at all of these for an absurd amount of time and felt like my judgement was tired. A second opinion from people I trust is always appreciated. I sent out a message to two of my siblings (who can nerd out on home design just as much as me) and they agreed that the two not only work, but are actually quite the sophisticated pairing.

I truly think this curtain provides an essential and large pivot toward a bathroom that feels much more playful and child centered, which is something that I felt we weren't quite hitting the mark on until today. So while it doesn't really cause us to change anything else physically in the bathroom so far, it does feel like everything has changed in a big and exciting way.

Okay, but enough about our bathroom. I have searched through hundreds of shower curtains at this point and I thought it would be fun to round up some of my very favorites that could be used in any kid's bathroom. Ones that can feel youthful, but don't necessarily scream "I'm a kid's shower curtain!" So by all means, if you don't have children these would still be so fun regardless!

So here we go!

  1. This Color Block Canvas Curtain. When I think kids I think color! That royal blue spoke to me, but it comes in multiple different colors. I think this could easily work for young kids and teenagers alike!

  2. This Retro Pink and Red Tile Curtain. Seeing this brings out a whole different side of Kambrie. One that wants to go absolutely CRAZY with color. It's not necessarily something that I can see myself living in, but it would be SO fun to design! I mean, what little girl wouldn't love this?

  3. This Flounce Trimmed Curtain I was originally going to use in our girl's bathroom. If you want to go for the super neutral, super minimal look, this is the one for you. And that ruffle adds the sweetest little node to the feminine.

  4. This Pillowfort Curtain from Target. Fun, colorful, and modern!

  5. This Polka Dot Pillowfort Curtain, also from Target. What is it about polka dots that feels so childlike? I think this one is so cute and would work for any gender! Great for a bathroom shared by brothers and sisters!

  6. This Striped Curtain. This is one of my very favorites, which might be no surprise as it is a close match to the duvet covers we recently put on our big girl's beds. I love that peachy color, but it also comes in a light blue, one of my other favorite colors!

  7. This Joanna Hankie Curtain. I cannot wait to see this one in our finished bathroom! It has my whole heart!

  8. This Myla Floral Curtain. Another one that would work so well for any aged child. Someone please buy this and use it and send me the picture pronto! The deep purple paired with those orange flowers. It's just SO GOOD!

  9. This Cowboy Frog Curtain. Come on. Does this not scream little boy's bathroom?

Those last 3 all come from Urban Outfitters and I have to say, they take the cake for having the biggest selection of really fun and playful shower curtains!

Okay, that's all for now people but I do think it would be fun to do one of these round up's for all of the different bathroom accessories. Should I do bath mats or soap dispensers next? Let me know in the comments here, or on Instagram!


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