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Redo Big Blue: Powder Bathroom Reveal

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

A detailed look at our newly renovated powder bathroom.

(Sources listed at the bottom of page)

We have dotted all our i’s and crossed all our t’s and our powder bathroom renovation is complete! We are so proud of what we have created over here and I’m excited to share a detailed look with you. As I sat down to write this out I realized just how much work we have done. Leave it to me to somehow find the very most work to do in the absolute smallest space in our house. 😂 There is so much to talk about here, but it only feels appropriate to start at the beginning. The VERY beginning.

When we first moved into this house, our powder bathroom was a vibrant, buttery yellow. It had thick strokes of plaster swiped randomly across the wall. There was a super basic matching mirror/vanity combo, and an off centered light fixture mounted above that.

A month or so after moving in, we came in and fixed the strange texture spots and painted the walls and trim to match the rest of the house. I also quickly spray painted the light fixture from the shiny silver to a matte black and we mounted a new hand towel ring and toilet paper holder. We topped it off with a simple piece of art my brother gifted us for Christmas a few years prior, and said, “Good enough for now!”

As time went on, we realized just how much use this bathroom gets. It is by far the most convenient place to quickly get the girls ready before rushing out the door for school. We thought it could really benefit from adding a bit more counter and storage space.

The whole renovation really got wind under it’s wings as soon as I spotted this slate blue vanity from Lowe’s. The color immediately got my design wheels spinning! It was $300 off and there was only one in stock in our area, so I quickly put in a pickup order and Riley grabbed it on his way home from work.

For my vision to come to life, I knew the brushed nickel faucet and hardware that came with the vanity just wouldn’t quite cut it. I quickly fell hard for that matte black look. We found this Delta faucet at Lowe’s, and I ordered the door pulls off of Amazon. I think it looks so sharp paired with the slate blue paint!

Part of what drew me to that slate blue vanity was the thought of being able to spread that yummy color all over the walls. I absolutely love a monochromatic moment and this felt like the perfect opportunity! I took a small piece of the cabinet to Home Depot and had them color match it, and I think they did a pretty good job. We decided to leave the trim the beige color because I am completely obsessed with how beautifully it pairs with the blue. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it!

At first I was planning on just painting the walls as is, however I really wanted this space to feel as cozy as possible. I also needed to make sure that it didn’t feel too modern when all was said and done. After talking things out with my sister (one of my go-to brainstorming buddies) we both felt like the best way to ensure both the cozy and slightly historical elements I was looking for would be to add bead board to the walls. Boy, do I feel like it delivered!

I think my very favorite part of this bathroom is how good this mirror looks in it! I found it on a little thrifting outing for $10 when we first moved into this house and I love it so. dang. much! When placed on top of the blue walls it sure POPS!

We had to learn a few new skills for this project. The first was learning how to install new lighting from scratch. The original electrical placement only allowed for us to put one wall fixture above the mirror (and it was off center 🤦🏼‍♀️). I searched and searched for the perfect fixture to go up there, but due to the rounded shape at the top of our mirror, it was proving really difficult to find a light that felt right. Enter the sconces! We were a bit intimidated at first, but after watching YouTube video or two, Riley jumped right in and roughed in new electrical boxes. He one on each side of the mirror and he did such a good job! We found these black sconces at Home Depot and they felt like the very best bang for our buck (just under $30), and they really deliver a really timeless look in my opinion. For a bit of additional light, we swapped out the vent cover for one that has an LED light attached to it, and then painted it to match the walls.

I have wanted to take a crack at wallpaper for the longest time, and this half bathroom felt like such a nice, manageable spot to give it a try. As soon as I found our vanity, I started scouring the internet for the perfect wallpaper to match it! I probably looked at over 1000 options, and finally landed on this one. I originally found it through, but was able to buy it for about thirty five dollars cheaper from Anthropologie! Riley plastered and sanded the ceiling to give us a smooth surface, and then we applied the wallpaper together. It was honestly a little more stressful than we had anticipated, but now that we have done it once I think it would be much easier next time. We added the crown molding as well to give the ceiling that finished look.

Last but not least, the wrap around art ledge. I don’t know why, but ever since we first moved in I have always envisioned this being a part of this bathroom. Out of everything we have done in here, this has by far been the biggest brain buster for me. Riley built the shelf not just once, but twice! I may have miscalculated the measurements this first time around. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Then deciding what size of frames, what color should the frames be, and which artwork to put in each frame was a bit of a headache. At first, I was trying to mix and match some thrifted frames and it was just NOT working. As soon as I decided to put all of them in black, it finally felt right! I will soon be swapping out the large print for something else, but for now it works! I seriously swoon every time I walk in and see all of it reflecting in the mirror. 😍 It makes this bathroom feel SO cozy and adds SO much personality!

This bathroom is just on a whole new level now. You enter and feel completely enveloped in the whole experience. We find ourselves using it way more than we use our own primary bathroom these days because it is just that good (and our primary bathroom is pretty bad). 😂

The creative process behind this renovation gave me so much life. I look forward to putting this much effort and care into every room in our home. ♥️ Someday in the near future I will share a bit more about the meaning this room/design holds for me. Stay tuned!

I’ve listed all of the sources for everything I possibly could below, in case that is helpful for anyone.

Thanks for being here you guys. 🥰




Faux Eucalyptus Plant (on top of toilet)


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