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A Shout Out To Those Who Give

"It always has Riley and I thinking twice before we just send things to the thrift store..."


As Riley and I were working together in our backyard a few months ago, preparing to host a bunch of friends for a 4th of July barbeque, we started looking around at the items filling the space. The trampoline, the swing set, the grill, the little girl's play house. We both sat in so much gratitude. There is something all of these items have in common: they were all passed along to us. Hand-me-downs.

It's not just our backyard that is full of these thoughtful pass-a-longs. Our whole house is dotted with them!

The Piano that someone offered to my mom, their real estate agent, because they wanted it to find good home. She held onto it so that one of her children could use it when they needed it, and here it is sitting as the star of our dining room. The gift it is for me to sit down and play is invaluable to me.

The basket that sits in our living room, lovingly housing our cozy blankets. It was a Facebook Marketplace find that I drove 15 minutes across town to pick up. It was $10, but the woman selling it asked me what I would be using it for. When I explained to her that it would house our blankets, and that I was grateful for how sturdy the basket was so it could withstand my 3 young daughters who would inevitably try playing in it, she lovingly declined my $10 and just gave it to me. She told me the work I was doing as a mother to my young girls was important, and she took advantage of a small moment to support me in that.

The dining room chairs that were given to us from an employer of Riley's while we were in college. Until then we had been using folding chairs for the 1st three years of our marriage! (back then I didn't realize just how inexpensive a real table and chairs could be at a thrift store, ha!) And even though I have been dying to upgrade them, I cannot tell you the immense amount of joy those chairs gave me when Riley brought them home!

The bedframe that we bought on Facebook Market Place. I was sure it was too good to be true and that it was actually a plot to murder us. I mean come on, a brand new $500 bedframe, never used, for $135. It felt like they were basically giving it away. We decided to give it a shot and came home with the bedframe PLUS a brand new firetruck and dump truck that they threw in free of charge when they found out we had kids. They very quickly became some of our girl's most played with toys!

The trampoline from Riley's parents. Yup, the same trampoline Riley grew up bouncing around on. Gosh, our girls spend HOURS AND HOURS on that thing. It is the perfect way to wear the out before bedtime.

A were passed along to us from a whole host of different family members.h hours and hours and hours of nursing my sweet A babies.

The grill that our friends could have sold before they moved, but instead offered to us. Our previous grill had given up on us and it came at the perfect time!

A large portion of our tools, passed along to us from a whole host of different family members.

The shelves in our garage.

Our washer and dryer.

Truly, the list goes on and on.

There have been times in our life where these items have felt like a fun bonus, and there have been other times where these things have filled major needs. The stories that come with each of them connect us back to so many loving people. It always has Riley and I thinking twice before we send things off to the thrift store or try to sell them online (both of which obviously have their time and place). It feels good to find ways to contribute to the giving pot when and where we can. It's a gratitude practice.

So now I'm curious. Have you received any hand-me-down home items that feel/felt meaningful or especially helpful? I'd love for you to tell me about them in the comments! What was it, and who was it from!


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