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5 Things Keeping Your House From Feeling Like Your Home: PART 5

"It really just feels like the houses (or apartments) we have lived in feel happiest when we share them with others, and then as a way of returning the favor, our house becomes even more loyal to us than was before."


Today is the final day of my series, here to help us look at things that might be getting in the way of curating homes that feels unique to each of us. What I hope to have opened your eyes to this week is that a tailor made home for you and your family really isn't that far fetched. It doesn't necessarily have to include a huge renovation, or a ton of money to invest in new everything. So much of it comes back to our mindset, and doing simple things with intention.

I highly recommend that you go back and read through Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 if you haven't already!

Okay, the last (but definitely not least) thing that may be keeping your house from feeling like your home is:


Now hear me out, because in no way am I trying to say that in order for your house to feel like home you need to host large dinner parties, or all of a sudden become a big extrovert who loves gathering people together. Although, I am definitely a big extrovert who loves gathering large groups of people together, ha!

I think what I am trying to say is that inviting others into my home has always left me with a feeling of unique homeownership, in such a humbling way. Whenever we host people, I am left with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the place I live. And this is something I have experienced in our current home, but also in every one of the little apartments we lived in before this. I have found that an ideal size and a perfectly curated design has mattered so very little. What has always mattered is the intention behind the invite extended.

I cherish the love and belonging we have created in our home, and being able to wrap other people up in that love and belonging, even if just for a few hours, makes it grow even bigger. I feel it when we have one friend stop by, and I feel it when we host a gathering of 40! Our home is a gift to us. There is this phrase I was taught as a child, "because I have been given much I too must give." It really just feels like the houses (or apartments) we have lived in feel the most joy when we share them with others. Then, as a way of returning the favor, our home becomes even more loyal to us than it was before.


I bet you can already feel what the challenge is today. It might come totally naturally to some of you, and to others it might get you out of your comfort zone a little bit.

I want you to look at your calendar and find your next free evening, and then I want you to invite someone over. Maybe it's just a game night with your best friends, or maybe it's that girl's night you have been wanting to do for so long and just haven't mustered up the courage! Maybe it's a date night with another couple, or maybe it's a Sunday family dinner. You decide! But get it scheduled right now. Then, when your guests come, imagine your house as a giant umbrella of love and belonging and they get to come stand under it with you.

Don't be surprised when you and your guests end the night feeling a unique and beautiful sense of HOME.


The photo's in this post are credited to Whitney Majors Photo & Film.

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