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5 Things Keeping Your House From Feeling Like YOUR Home: Part 2

"Surrounding myself by only these items has made my home feel like all of the things that I personally WANT it to feel like. It rejuvenates me and holds me just right, and I wish that for all of you, inside your own homes!


Today is day 2 of our series that is all about helping you create a home that feels intentionally YOURS. You can read part 1 here if you would like to get caught up, but I am excited to dive into today's because it is probably the one I feel the most strongly about.

The second thing that might keeping your house from feeling like YOUR home is:


To put it as clean and clear as possible, you are surrounded by all sorts of items that do not bring you joy, and you are unware of how much this is affecting your ability to feel at home in your own house. That's right, I'm going to get all Marie Kondo on you over here. Many of you were here for my "CleanKam" days and know just how passionate I can get about this one, ha!

There are many ways to tidy things up around your house, but I am personally of the belief that there is yet to be a method that is as effective, long lasting, and life-changing as the KonMari Method. I have lived by it for 8 years now and it has completely shifted the way I experience my home. I am sure that the majority of you have bumped into the KonMari Method through friends, Netflix, or on social media. However, if you still aren't quite sure what it is all about, here is the jest of it.

  1. First declutter. By the time you are done with her decluttering method, you will have touched every item in your entire home, trusting your bodies response as to whether or not each one brings you joy. If it does you keep it, and if it doesn't you send it on with gratitude.

  2. When you are left with ONLY the things that bring you joy, you follow her method for organizing, which really let's your home lead the way on telling you how and where to store your things.

At the end, if you really truly surrender to the process, you are left feeling completely and uniquely at home in a way that feels life-changing!

Quick pause here because Marie Kondo's book, "The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up" is 50% off on Amazon right now making it only $8. Such a no brainer! Go and get it!

I have been through every category in my home (multiple times) but for the sake of this account I want to speak to the specific experience I had declutter my home decor. I remember the first time I allowed myself to go around and let go of every single piece of home decor that didn't bring me joy. Was I left with some empty walls? Absolutely. Could I afford to go out and fill those empty spaces at the time? Nope! But I never realized how much these items were clouding my vision until they were gone. Many of them were wedding gifts or hand-me-downs from other people, all given with love. Some were pieces that I had had for years but no longer gave me a spark. Some were honestly brand new and in excellent condition, but I bought them because they were one sale, not because I truly loved them. Sending them on lifted a weight off of my shoulders that I didn't know was there. It allowed me to move forward with so much more intention, and gave me space to get to know what did bring me joy.

2018 Decluttering My Home Décor


It has taken time, and I think it's safe to say my style will forever be evolving, but over the years I have become a master at knowing the types of items that fuel me. Surrounding myself by only these items has made my home feel like all of the things that I personally WANT it to feel like. It rejuvenates me and holds me just right, and I want that for all of you inside your own homes! The most exciting part to me is that it is so tailored to the individual. Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, the system will work for you and you will end you with a home like no one else's!


For today's challenge, I want you to go on a walk through your house and find one piece of décor that sparks joy in you. Hold it and pay attention to how it makes your body feel. Then continue on until you get to a piece that brings you the opposite feeling, or maybe makes you feel nothing. Hold that one and pay attention to how it makes your body feel. Then, say thank you to that item and discard of it as quickly as you can. Then, I dare you to let this be the spark that ignites you into plunging head first into a decluttering journey through your entire house!

Ready, set, go!


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