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We will explore your current space and find clarity and alignment in our design goals moving forward.


Let's get started on the right foot! In order for me to get a clear idea of the space we are working with, and what your own personal goals are, we will start out with a detailed questionnaire. Not only will this provide me with the essential information that I need, it is also designed to help you! I'm guessing if you are booking this service, it is because you have struggled to pinpoint your own design-style and goals for your space on your own. This questionnaire is designed as a guide to help you clarify what thoughts, feelings, and goals you have already that can act as a springboard for the rest.

Heads up! I will be requesting photos of your space, dimensions, photos of any large furniture pieces you know you want to incorporate into the design, and information that can guide me to any spaces you have seen on TV or online that feel inspiring to you! Please plan to submit your questionnaire at least 24 hours prior to our scheduled consultation. This will ensure I have enough time to review the information before talking with you.

After you have submitted the questionnaire we will meet together for our 30 minute Initial Consultation. This can take place over the phone, via Zoom, for those located in the Treasure Valley you are eligible for an in-person consultation for an additional $25. The benefit of an in-person consultation comes from me being able to come to your home and get a better feel for the flow of your space, to see how it interacts with the rest of your home, and for me to snap photos to work from rather than relying solely on the photos you send me. We will take time to review the information shared in your questionnaire, I will give you a general idea of the direction I would like to take your space, and we will ensure that we are aligned and on the same page moving forward. I want to make sure that your home feels like yours!

Please note: The questionnaire and Initial Consultation scheduling will not take place until after the $50 deposit has been paid.

Ready to get started?

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