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I will send you off with multiple resources to aid you in the execution of your renovation.


This is the part where I load you up with tools and resources to lean on as you take your personalized design and run with it! Here is what you can expect from Step 3:

- A Personalized Shoppable Product List. Shop all of the products incorporated into your Mood Board, plus similar items at varying price points, on your own timeline. I do my best to incorporate high quality and value versions of everything, allowing you to shop based on your own budget and financially prioritize the items that matter most to you.

- My "Home Design Tips & Tricks" PDF download that will teach you how to execute your design like a pro!

- 2 additional trouble-shooting phone calls with me as you carry out your renovation. Any good designer knows that value that comes from having someone to help you trouble shoot ideas when unexpected challenges show up along the way. I want to help you see this project through to the end. So whether it's 2 months later, or 1 year later you can reach out and we can find a solution together!

Ready to get started?

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