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My name is Kambrie, and I'm a home enthusiast. Partly because it seems to be baked into my DNA, and partly because of the home I was raised in, full of love kindness, tradition, and a mom who valued beauty.  I am deeply moved by the idea of our homes existing as unique sanctuaries for each of us. It is my belief that we all have the ability to teach our homes how to hold us, with our own specific needs and dreams, just right. When we do so, our homes become healing and revitalizing spaces that lift us into the extraordinary lives that are ours for the taking. 

My biggest hope is for those who interact with my little corner of the internet to feel inspired to HOME IN. To move directly toward more meaningful, and intentional life inside their own homes, and to tap into their own unique creativity to do so. 

I am the mother to 4 young daughters and married to Riley, the very best of guys. One of my favorite things in the entire world is working alongside him. Music and a traveling are my very favorite hobbies. I am located in Idaho, where I was born and raised. If I'm reading, it's probably non-fiction or self-help related. If I've got headphones on, I'm probably listening to a podcast.


Spirituality is a large part of my life. Getting to know others and learning more about what makes each individual person special and unique is a real passion of mine. I love connecting and gleaning from the strengths of those around me, which is why I am so grateful for you.


Truly, thank you for being here! 


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